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So, why do this? Why at a time when it would have been easier to carry on doing what I was doing did I start something new, something challenging.

Of course, I could just say that it was born out of a love of India, of colour and of sumptuous textiles and how the introduction of these can enrich your life, your wardrobe and your home, but these are merely a consequence of the ‘why’.

Our ‘why’ is to make a little bit of a difference.  We believe that everyone has the right to be the best they can be.  It just happens that personal to us is the empowerment and well-being of the wonderful ladies we work with in India.  Through ethical trade, they have the opportunity to better their circumstances and those of their families and the communities to which they belong.

We have also chosen to work with artisans skilled in centuries old techniques, not because it is quaint, but because we want to preserve these crafts and the livelihoods of those who practice them – and most of all because they look really really good and with every piece being unique, they come with their own story.

And here’s the thing, clothing should be more than something disposable that we wear and then discard without a thought.  It should have a story.  A story that speaks of those who have created them with pride.

The garments we wear need provenance and the people who make them deserve our respect.  We should wear them in the knowledge of their story.

There’s not much to Cinnamon Junction at the moment, just me, my wonderful ladies in India and the enthusiastic, albeit clueless, support from the sidelines of my well-meaning other half, James, so we are not going to change the world overnight, but we are doing our bit.

We are only at the start.  We will make some mistakes – please tell us when we do – but we hope that you will stick with us and we will make a little bit of difference #TOGETHER.

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