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raspberry monsoon duvet set bag hanging from a green painted door

The Doors Tour 2017

By Kate

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No, sadly not Jim Morrison and Co ...

…. I wish! My Doors Tour was more personal, definitely less sexy, but still a little exotic.

Because I love a good door. Colourful doors, doors with personality. I’m partial to an eye-catching door anywhere, but in India, they know how to do a door.

I spent a wonderful, if not warm, weekend in 40-degree heat, whizzing around Jaipur in the back of a tuk-tuk, searching for suitable subjects to feed my obsession – when, by rights, I should have been lying beside the pool. So, off I went with camera and bedding bags in hand …..


Image of Raspberry and Midnight BLue Monnsoon Bedding bags hanging on a rustic door surrounded by Jodhpur Blue walls

Perfectly Imperfect


What a weekend! The revelation was that down the most impoverished of streets lay the most beautiful doors, each invariably leading to the hidden world of shared courtyards, home to many families and their livestock, Royal Enfields, vegetable carts and temples …… guarded by the family goat!


The Goatkeeper (sorry, couldn’t resist!)


Many times, I ran the gauntlet from tuk-tuk to door, hanging bag, taking picture, and back to tuk-tuk in 3 minutes flat, with Naresh, my long-suffering driver, on watch. It became a competition, with Naresh timing me, though I think that this was due to the onset of heatstroke! I would ask permission from the home owners, who gladly obliged after negotiating a photo of themselves in return. All were such generous people, laughing at this mad blonde woman who clearly had been out in the sun for too long …..


Never mind the door …. what a bike!


Across all cultures, doors are symbolic, seen as an exit from or entrance to something, a portal or threshold. Janus, the Roman God of gates and doors, is also revered as the God of beginnings, endings and transitions, with the month of January dedicated to him. It does seem unintentionally fitting that at the beginning of this Cinnamon Junction adventure, we use doors as a theme and a backdrop.


Door Envy!


What started out as just a chance to get a few pictures turned out to be an unforgettable weekend, meeting generous people and taking in some fabulous doors. Naresh thinks that we must have photographed every colourful door in Jaipur …… I intend to go back to prove him wrong! Watch this space …….


Naresh, a Tuk-Tuk legend!


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