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At the age of three, my younger brother, Alex, crept down early one Christmas morning, before the rest of the family were awake, and proceeded to open every present under the tree. Every last one.

Some 40 years later, unlike that three year old, I recognise the importance of sharing, along with the belief that everyone can help to achieve better outcomes for women. At Cinnamon Junction, we have taken the time to source ethical partners, who offer their employees an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Through these partners, we can give local women the opportunity to earn a decent wage, in a safe, non-exploitative environment, enabling them to boost the family income and invest in their children’s future.

In rural areas, where it is still tradition for women to stay at home, having financial independence can be empowering.

By taking charge of their lives in this important way, they have the tools to overcome poverty, discrimination and illiteracy.

By employing traditional artisans, skilled in hand block printing, we hope to preserve this ancient craft for generations to come, in the face of competition from mechanised mass production. By choosing certified organic cotton and sustainable fabrics, we are reinforcing our commitment to sustainable clothing, whilst doing our bit for the environment. Our strong relationships with our ethical partners are based on trust, mutual respect and the shared belief that by working together, we can make a difference.

And what does this have to do with my little brother? Absolutely nothing ….. revenge is a dish best served cold #sisterlylove

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness"

– Mahatma Gandhi –

Kate wearing the Kashmir Blue linen maxi dress and standing with Basanti at the workshop in Jaipur

For many years, Cinnamon Junction was just a pipe dream of mine, before life presented a ‘now or never’ opportunity.

Growing up in the 70s, I had a peripatetic upbringing in Iran and the Middle East, which has left me with itchy feet ever since. Living the expat life in my twenties and thirties opened my eyes to other cultures, introducing me to wonderful people, and giving me a lifelong love of the East.

The arrival of my 40s coincided with a change in career and a move into Indian travel. I fell in love with India from the outset. An assault on the senses, vibrant, exciting, uplifting, but also wonderfully calming and enlightening. I was particularly taken by the explosion of colour. Colour is everywhere: in its architecture, landscape, food, and most definitely in their clothing and sumptuous textiles.

I love how colour can boost confidence, enrich the soul and uplift the spirit. Our clothes are a reflection of our personality, and can be an extension of the persona we want to present to the world. Indian women seemed effortlessly elegant, whether in a sari or simple tunic, radiating style whilst maintaining a presence, even into their dotage. And I wanted some of that!

At Cinnamon Junction, we have a simple ethos: quality clothing, made by ethical partners, using artisan skills and sustainable textiles. A move away from high street disposable fashion, towards slow fashion and clothing with provenance.

Through our #MADEBYWORNBY campaign, we want to connect you to the ladies who have proudly made your clothing. We would love you to upload an image onto our website of you enjoying your Cinnamon Junction purchases, not only to show everyone how fabulous you look, but also to show the ladies our appreciation of their work.

We hope that you like what we have chosen for our first collection* and, rest assured, there is more to come!

*We would love to hear your comments, good and not so, on what we have done so far, as we are dedicated to getting things just right. So please tell us how we are doing.