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Making a connection between the women who make our garments, and those who wear them was a key aim when starting Cinnamon Junction, and this has become a reality with our #MADEBYWORNBY campaign.

Just as it says, we want to introduce you to a few of the ladies who make our products, and tell you a little about them. In return, we ask that you upload a picture of you in all your Cinnamon Junction glory, which we will put on our ‘Wall of Fabulousness’, via Instagram. By way of thank you, we will offer you 10% off your next order (excluding sale items). All you need to do is click the ‘Upload Your Image’ at the bottom of our Homepage.

Picture of Manju holding up a card, #made by manju

Please meet Manju

Manju is in her mid-thirties, and lives in Jaipur, with her husband, 3 daughters and a son. The whole family live in one room, and it is Manju’s dream to save up and build another room above their existing one. An incorrigible giggler, she’s a joy to be around.

Proud of her job, she is first in and last out, and spends her free time at home doing what she loves ….. sewing! Like many women, Manju is juggling a full time job with looking after a large family, and she does it with military precision. She’s not known as ‘The Boss’ for nothing!

Picture of Pooja holding up a card, #made by pooja

Here is Pooja

Pooja is 20 years old, and the baby of the workshop. Married at 15, she lives with her husband’s family and is Mum to a 4-year-old boy. Still a kid at heart, it is her dream to save up for a Smartphone. In her spare time, she loves watching TV, and is addicted to all of the Indian soaps.

picture of basanti holding up a card, #made by basanti

And this is Basanti

Basanti is in her thirties, and the mother figure amongst all the ladies. Mum to 2 boys and a girl, she never went to school, and learnt to read and write alongside her children. She is known for her exquisite stitching, and ensures the smooth running of the workshop, and the wellbeing of her colleagues. Her confidence has grown since working and she has an eagerness to improve her knowledge and learn new skills.

Manju, Pooja, Basanti and the other ladies they work with are thrilled to bits that ladies all over the world will hear their stories through CJ, and see you wear the fruits of their labour. Don’t forget, upload a picture of yourself wearing your Cinnamon Junction garments onto our website, and get your 10% discount on your next order.

The workshop where our garments are made encourages education amongst its employees, offering to teach them to read and write, and ensures that all female employees open their own bank accounts, and can fill in bank forms. They follow a strict ethical code, refusing to employ children in any capacity and ensuring that all staff are paid over and above the average wage, and are given regular days off. Promoting employment in the villages surrounding Jaipur is a key aim, and the focus is on offering their ladies financial independence, a chance to contribute to the family budget, and the confidence to improve on their skills.

And Cinnamon Junction is proud to be working alongside them… TOGETHER!