The Why

So, why do this? Why at a time when it would have been easier to carry on doing what I was doing did I start something new, something challenging. Of course, I could just say that it was born out of a love of India, of colour and of sumptuous textiles and how the introduction [...]

The Doors Tour 2017

No, sadly not Jim Morrison & Co …. I wish! My Doors Tour was more personal, definitely less sexy, but still a little exotic. Because I love a good door. Colourful doors, doors with personality. I’m partial to an eye-catching door anywhere, but in India, they know how to do a door. I spent a […]


One of the joys of setting up Cinnamon Junction has been working alongside wonderful local talent, whose expertise and hard work has helped us to launch. The sleepless nights were made fewer, and the learning curve less steep, by those who thankfully knew a lot more than us. We would therefore like to thank these [...]